Avogadro's Number... aka 6.022 X 10^23

You are looking at an OFFICIAL Chamber of Commerce member in Llano, Texas

There's a nerdy new jazz band in LLano.....and it's US... ha!

I spent my entire Spring Break in Nashville. I got to work with Renee-Grant Williams. She is a vocal coach to the best of the best in Nashville. From Tim McGraw, to Jason Aldean, and she even coached Miley Cyrus before her tragic incident that caused her tongue to stay out of her mouth. I also worked with Jane Bach (songwriter for the show Nashville, who has also written MANY #1 hits for stars, including Reba), Gary Talley, an amazing guitar man, Debbie Throckmorton (songwriter), and Misty & Jason Carson.  I absorbed everything I could, wrote some songs, and even pitched one that got picked up that we are currently working on.

Ken Fowler (old rancher) on Sax & Guitar

Amy Fowler (bff) on Bass (and vocals when we make her)

Corbyn Rusche on drums

McKenzie Jones on Vocals and Guitar